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Building Permit Management

one of the most daunting tasks for new and experienced builders alike is the building permit process. one forgotten building code could have your project denied by your county, delayed months in construction, or cost you thousands in remodeling.

MS-Architecture prides itself on providing excellent support to our clients during the building process. here are a few things we can support during your build to ensure you are completing crucial infrastructural projects to county and building code.

each client of MS-Architecture is offered

Permit application

Building permits require extensive documentation that can be overwhelming for a builder. Lynda, our in-house permitting expert can offer as much or as little support you need throughout the process. We'll file paperwork, coordinate payments of fees, and keep track of those pesky permitting website passcodes. 

Permit oversight

It is no secret the building permit process is lengthy and frustrating for independent builds. Our team will provide estimated times of completion, and CC you directly with all communications with building officials whenever a question arises. We'll keep you in the loop so you're confident in the process.

Permit advocacy

MS-Architecture has built connections with building departments across the Colorado region. Complications with building officials can cost your project thousands, so we ensure your project runs smoothly through your county. We'll have your back no matter the situation.

MS-Architecture is licensed in the states of Colorado and Nevada. Use the button below when you're ready to start on your project.

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