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Carlos Villazon Laso


Carlos Villazon Laso is an Architect graduated through the Institute of Technology and Superior Studies of Monterrey (Mexico) . He also recieved his Masters Degree through the University Politecnic  of Cataluna, (Spain) where he obtained a cum Laude for his thesis project. 


He is currently the CEO of CVBSA Architects.


As an architect he has collaborated with many diverse firms of design and engineering in countries such as Spain and Mexico. During this time he has worked as an architect and project manager for clientele in the industrial, commercial, hotel, residential, and landscape sectors. With a specialty in acoustics, he has also ventured in several projects such as churches and public spaces. 


Currently, he is finalizing his doctoral investigation based on the betterment and design of environmental acoustics. 


He is an avid believer in facing any challenge head on, and is not afraid to be the first to initiate change

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